Octopus Commercial

Monoblock Airco Commercial

Pelletkachel infoanimatie

kachel01 kachel02 kachel03 kachel04

Trachitol commercial

Product Visuals

Cars shading and texturing
test08porsche365 test006ferrari test05volvo test05maserati test04sstonmartin test02astonmartin test01carrera test001ferrari test17maserati

Concept visuals for a company party
krukjes01lab01e spiegel02a lab02

Outdoor project Wannaplay

Over het IJ Festival 2014wannaplay_ll still_2 still_3 still_4 still_5


testrendergirl girl (2)vvv

Business presentation

Photo + effects

woonstad_rdam2 woonstad_rdam3

3D Print

printdog2 printslak


medical medical3 braincells medic


2_delft_5000_01 6_floating_1280_03 proeftuin_oranjepolder sancta4 sancta1 sancta2 sancta3

Showreel 2010

About student3d

I work as Guru in Maya, my blogname is student3d. Actually there is much to learn, and I'll keep up retrieving more knowledge. What's in a name?
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